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Digital transformation has become one of the main goals of Russia's development until 2030

July 21, 2020, 10:02 (UTC+3)|

President Vladimir Putin signed a decree on Russia's national development goals for the next 10 years. These include digital transformation and successful entrepreneurship.

To achieve the goal of "Digital transformation", four indicators were set by 2030:

  •  achieving "digital maturity" in key sectors of the economy and social sphere, including health and education, as well as public administration;
  • increasing the share of mass socially significant services available in electronic form to 95%;
  • increase in the share of households with broadband Internet access to 97%;
  • the increase in investment in domestic solutions in the field of information technology is four times compared to the indicator of 2019.

The government has until October 30 to submit a plan to achieve the national goals.

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