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Dmitry Medvedev proposed to formulate the position on ethical issues of using AI

June 9, 2021|

Deputy Chairman of the Security Council Dmitry Medvedev during the meeting concerning the protection of national interests of the Russian Federation in developing AI, said that the Russian authorities needed to determine the position on the ethical issues of using AI. In particular, it is necessary to formulate the position regarding the possible ban on the use of certain forms of artificial intelligence, restriction of its use in certain areas and introduction of external control over developments in this area.

Dmitry Medvedev highlighted several ideas:

  • ethical issues of using AI have not yet been addressed anywhere;
  • it is important “not to go too far” in the issue of regulation;
  • the issues of creating ethical standards for AI, establishing an obligation for developers to disclose their programs to the public and external audit have yet to be regulated;
  • it is necessary to establish the production of Russian AI technologies and facilitate the promotion of these technologies in overseas markets.

In addition, Medvedev clarified that so far, within BRICS, there is no document regulating the use of artificial intelligence. “The document could provide links to model laws that regulate the issues that are relevant for all countries. These are issues of autonomous vehicles, development and implementation of intelligent solutions, artificial intelligence in medicine and healthcare,” - Medvedev said.

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