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E-Scooter Rental Service Whoosh Plans to Enter Foreign Markets in 2022

November 30, 2021, 17:20 (UTC+3)|

Kicksharing service Whoosh plans to enter the Portuguese market in February next year. The service also intends to open in Hungary in the spring of 2022. In total, the company plans to launch in six countries.

For these purposes, Whoosh will attract $20 million from the company's working capital and debt financing from banks. The fleet of e-scooters in Lisbon (Portugal) will be 2,500 models, and their total number outside Russia in 2022 will reach 15,000.

According to Dmitry Chuiko, co-founder and CEO of Whoosh, "the company has a significant advantage over competitors in the form of a high technological base and strong operational expertise."

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Dmitry Chuiko, co-founder and CEO of Whoosh

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