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Experts have agreed that introduction of self-driving vehicles on Moscow roads may decrease social risk by 70-90%

November 20, 2020, 10:01 (UTC+3)|

The introduction of self-driving vehicles in Moscow will reduce the social risk on city roads by 70-90%. Such an assessment was given by the director of the MosTransProekt Research Institute Alexander Polyakov, speaking at the international exhibition Transport of Russia.

The introduction of self-driving vehicles will eliminate the human factor from the possible causes of accidents, which will potentially reduce the social risk on the roads of Moscow by 70-90%. In terms of mortality, cars reach the level of mortality just like in aviation, where social risk is only about 3% of the current death rate on the roads.

Alexander Polyakov

Director of the MosTransProekt Research Institute 

The expert explained that according to the results of 2019, the death rate in road accidents in the capital was about 3.5 people per 100 thousand of the population. About 42% of those injured in traffic accidents in Moscow last year were involved in an accident due to traffic violations or driving while intoxicated. These factors will completely disappear with the widespread introduction of unmanned vehicles.

Another 54% of the victims were involved in an accident for reasons the probability of which would be much lower with the use of self-driving vehicles, added the director of the MosTransProekt Research Institute. Among such reasons, he named collisions, accidents on highways and with the participation of trucks, collisions with pedestrians in the yards.

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