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Former AI evangelist at ABBYY Ivan Yamshchikov became Chief Strategy Officer at SkillFactory

December 7, 2020, 18:00 (UTC+3)|

Former AI evangelist at ABBYY Ivan Yamshchikov has joined the SkillFactory Data Science and Programming School team. He became the director of the school's strategy and will be engaged in its development, as well as strengthening the directions of programming and analytics.

According to Yamshchikov, SkillFactory is the leader in the data science training segment, and he intends to help the school become the best in Russia in the field of analytics and programming.

Prior to joining ABBYY, Yamshchikov headed the new product research group at Yandex. Now Ivan also works as an artificial intelligence researcher at the Max Planck Institute in Leipzig and combines his research activities with work in technology companies.


Ivan Yamshchikov

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