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Founders and Investor of Semantic Hub Buy out the Rest of Company's Shares

October 13, 2021, 17:30 (UTC+3)|

The founders of Semantic Hub and its investor Valentin Doronichev bought out the share that belonged to the Internet Initiatives Development Fund (IIDF). After the transaction, only individuals remained among the shareholders of Semantic Hub: about 64.5% from founders and about 35.5% from investors, writes Firrma.

Doronichev's share increased from 17.83% to 31.73%. The shares of other shareholders are also given: Vitaly Nedelsky, Irina Efimenko, Vladimir Khoroshevsky each own 18.33%, Mikhail Samsonov - 4.46%, Vladimir Preobrazhensky - 3.82%.

According to Irina Efimenko, Executive Director of Semantic Hub, now for a startup, industry expertise and international relations in the world of “big pharma” are important.

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Irina Efimenko, Executive Director of Semantic Hub

For the first time IIDF invested in a startup in 2017 and received 4.12% of the shares. In 2018, the fund increased its share to 18.9%. In 2019, Semantic Hub quadrupled in sales. Last year, its revenue amounted to 43.7 million rubles.

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