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Four Moscow Startups Reach Finals of the National Competition "IT Project: Back To The Product"

September 21, 2021, 14:42 (UTC+3)|

At the end of October, the international association of IT companies iCluster will sum up the results of the Russian competition "IT-project: Back To The Product", where they will determine the most promising solution in the areas of AI, VR/AR, IoT, Web.

In total, 14 teams out of 400 participants in the competition reached the final. Among them are Moscow projects. They include quantum resilient traffic tunneling software solution Qtunnel, rapid add-on VR training platform ARPort SafetyVR, supervisor face-based video analytics solution Neurocam, and the OmniHUB automated customer service point.

The jury will assess the relevance of the project and the problem being solved, the availability of implementation cases, the level of the team's competence, the pace and prospects of product development on the market, the potential of the technologies used and their development.

Based on the results of the competition, the best teams will be able to present their developments to potential partners.

Product cards

ARPort SafetyVR, Neurocam Supervisor, OmniHUB, Qtunnel

The international association of IT companies iCluster organizes the competition of IT projects for the fifth time. This year, for the first time, the competition is held in federal status, helping promising technological solutions to scale, and their development companies to enter new markets.

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