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Government Presents a Roadmap for the Development of Electric Transport and End-to-End Technologies

August 24, 2021, 11:02 (UTC+3)|

Russian government has approved a roadmap for the development of production and use of electric road transport through 2030, which is expected to become a driver of end-to-end technologies in Russia.

The roadmap involves the development of a production base, building up technological competencies, introducing new products to the market, and creating an engineering and transport infrastructure. With its implementation, related end-to-end technologies and technological solutions based on them will also be developed. That includes AI, the IoT, big data systems, digital engineering, and digital twins.

Among other improvements, the roadmap implicates vehicle control and driver assistance systems, sensors and robotics components, components for a smart car, integration of an electric vehicle with user devices, quantum technologies and cybersecurity of a car and IT infrastructure, big data and wireless technologies and other technologies and areas.

Earlier in August, the Ministry of Transport introduced a draft transport strategy of Russia through 2030, which revealed the prospects for biometrics and driverless vehicles in Russian transport system.

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