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Huawei together with Sitronics will localize server production in Russia

April 23, 2021, 14:08 (UTC+3)|

Huawei has agreed with Sitronics (controlled by AFK Sistema), a Russian manufacturer of telecommunications equipment, on the joint development of servers.

The first batch of this line will be released in May and will amount to 2.5 thousand servers. The servers will run on Intel processors; in the future, Russian software will be adapted for building data storage systems based on this equipment.

The company expects that the equipment will receive the status of domestic equipment. Huawei will localize the assembling process with Sitronics “on the terms of AFK Sistema in order to become the exclusive supplier of equipment for MTS”. However, AFK Sistema and MTS do not comment on this information.

Previously, Huawei planned to localize server production in Russia together with Norsi-Trans, a developer of systems for the Yarovaya Law. It was assumed that MTS and its subsidiary provider MGTS could have been one of the potential customers of Norsi-Trans equipment based on Huawei solutions. Norsi-Trans and Huawei produced a small batch of servers in 2019, but the sales were not successful due to the high price, the CEO of the company Sergey Ovchinnikov says.

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