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JetBrains named the most popular programming languages of 2020

June 23, 2020, 14:14 (UTC+3)|

JetBrains presented its fourth annual Developer Ecosystem Survey. This year Python surpassed Java in the list of used languages in Russia and in the world. But the majority of respondents still choose Java as their main language. Top 5 most used languages for Russia are as follows: JavaScript (62,8%), Python (46,8%), Java (36,5%), PHP (24,5%), TypeScript (23,1%)

Top 3 DBMSs for use in Russia for the last year are: PostgreSQL (61%), MySQL - 42%, and MongoDB and Redis - 30% each.

Experts note that in Russia people still prefer to host databases, services and applications on private servers (66%) or locally (53%). The popularity of cloud services (AWS, MS Azure, GCP, etc.) is almost 2 times lower than in the world - 27% and 53% respectively.

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