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RBC Group Invests Over $82 Million in Game Development in Four Years

September 29, 2021, 12:17 (UTC+3)|

The investment fund My.Games Venture Capital (owned by Group) has invested more than $82 million (6 billion rubles) in the development of game projects in four years, according to Vladimir Nikolsky, co-founder of My.Games and COO of Group.

45 studios have received investments, of which only seven have achieved the "desired results" and have fully joined My.Games, Nikolsky said. The largest investments of $27 million (2 billion rubles) went to the Novosibirsk team of Deus Craft, the most modest investments (about $ 150,000) were put into the Belarusian studio Swag Masha.

In the first half of this year, My.Games' revenue increased to $301 million (22.1 billion rubles).

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Vladimir Nikolsky, Chief Operating Officer of Group

In September 2021, My.Games has acquired a controlling stake in the Belarusian hyper-casual game developer Mamboo Games with payment of more than $2 million at the close, as well as a deferred payment, the amount of which will be determined depending on the performance of the business.

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