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TASS Group Sees AliExpress Russia Going Public in 2022

September 23, 2021, 17:23 (UTC+3)|
78 Group does not exclude the IPO of AliExpress Russia, as well as the assets of joint ventures with Sberbank next year.

As Investor Relations Director of Group Tatiana Volochkovich clarified, plans for IPO of these assets have already been announced, denoting possible development scenarios through 2022-2024. At the same time, so far the board of directors has not made such a decision, she noted.

According to the results of the last financial year (ended on March 31, 2021), the turnover of AliExpress Russia reached $3.1 billion (229 billion rubles). The turnover of goods from Russia during this period amounted to about $755 million (55 billion rubles) and grew by 151% year-on-year.

Earlier, MegaFon, in its report for the second quarter of 2021, estimated the value of the operator's shareholding (24 billion shares and 24.3% of the capital) of AliExpress Russia at $1.6 billion (119.7 billion rubles) until recently. Thus, the fair value of AliExpress Russia in mid-2021 might be around $6.7 billion (492.6 billion rubles).

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