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McKinsey Names Moscow’s Transport System World’s Most Efficient

August 13, 2021, 18:00 (UTC+3)|

According to McKinsey’s “Urban Transportation Systems of 25 Global Cities” report, Moscow is ranked first for its transport efficiency, with Shenzhen, and Singapore behind. Russia’s capital city has high public-transport efficiency, ranking first in the subcategory as well.

Analysts highly regarded the level of electronic transport services in Moscow, including the development of transport mobile applications and the availability of Wi-Fi. According to this indicator, the Russian capital ranks third, behind only Madrid and Hong Kong.

The Russian capital has secured a top ranking in improvement in several subgroups, including rail transport (where it ranks fifth), shared transport (sixth), and external connectivity (first). In addition, the city was ranked sixth in transport availability index and the second among the leading cities with top improvements in transport availability.

Since 2018, Moscow has implemented several large-scale projects designed to upgrade its airport infrastructure. For example, Domodedovo has become Russia’s first airport to deploy baggage storage robotization systems and automated turnstiles; the air haven is currently testing a face recognition system.

McKinsey’s “Urban Transportation Systems of 25 global cities” selected 25 cities for global ranking using five separate metrics: "availability", "affordability", "efficiency", "convenience", as well as "safety and sustainable development". In order to be included in the report, the population of the city must exceed five million people, with GRP per capita more than $10,000 and the number of cars more than 150 per 1,000 people.

Read McKinsey’s “Urban Transportation Systems of 25 Global Cities” report online

In November 2020, Moscow authorities announced plans to launch a MaaS-platform (Mobility-as-a-Service) in the city. It will combine all city and several private transport services. To learn more, read ICT.Moscow's insight on the prospects of MaaS in global cities.


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