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Mediascope: the share of Internet users among the youngest population in Russia nearly approached 100% in 2020

January 13, 2021, 15:40 (UTC+3)|

Mediascope has published data on the Internet audience in Russia in 2020. According to them, the Internet penetration in Russia among younger people (under 44 years old) exceeded 90%, and among the youngest Russians (12-24 years old) approached 100% in February - November 2020. In the 45-54-year-old population group, 84.2% of Russians used the Internet at least once a month and among those over 55 only half - 49.7% - go online.

In general, during this period, an average of 95.6 million people or 78.1% of the country's population over 12 used the Internet at least once a month. On average 87.1 million people or 71.1% of the Russian population went online per day.

Mobile remains the main device for accessing the Internet among Russians of all ages. In 2020, 86.6 million people or 70.8% of the population used mobile devices to go online at least once a month. The average daily mobile Internet audience was 79.8 million people, or 65.2% of the population of the entire country. 62.2 million people or 50.8% of the total population used the Internet on a desktop at least once a month, the average daily Internet audience on desktop devices was 44.4 million people, or 36.3% of the population of the entire country.

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