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Ministry of Agriculture Plans to Digitalize the Industry

October 5, 2021, 12:18 (UTC+3)|

The Ministry of Agriculture outlined a plan for the digitalization of agriculture through 2030 that will require $690 million (50 billion rubles). In particular, the department proposes to introduce technologies of digital twins, AI, IoT, drones, remote sensing of the Earth, as well as develop an online platform to promote Russian agricultural products and launch modeling and forecasting systems.

The transformation of the industry is aimed at "increasing investment attractiveness, ensuring the completeness and reliability of data on the situation in the industry and the food market, reducing the cost of production and the cost of entering the agribusiness of new agricultural producers," according to the ministry.

Forecasting technologies will allow building predictive models of yield and the likelihood of animal diseases, and the introduction of robots and drones will simplify production processes, the government body noted. With the help of Earth remote sensing solutions, it is planned to collect data on agricultural lands and their intended use.

The project is aimed at approval by the Ministry of Digital Development.

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