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Ministry of Economic Development Names the Key Criteria for the Development of Ecosystems

September 29, 2021, 11:59 (UTC+3)|

The Deputy Minister of Economic Development Vladislav Fedulov in an interview with Vedomosti newspaper named the preliminary criteria for including companies in the category of ecosystems. These include a "tight internal integration of related services other than the anchor business" and an "ongoing investment in digital innovation across industries."

The main features of an ecosystem, according to Fedulov, are the presence of a “network effect”, as well as a "plurality of third-party economic activities, the number of services for consumers, a loyalty system, a logistic cut."

He noted that the ministry will offer quantitative metrics for these signs, but without specific indicators for each of them. Regulation, according to Fedulov, should be the same for banking and non-banking ecosystems. “I admit that there will be a high-level framework law that will establish general principles of regulation, a kind of an ecosystem constitution,” the deputy minister said.

Fedulov also admitted that the norms for regulating ecosystems can either be included in the fifth antimonopoly package (currently not adopted), or they will be highlighted in a separate bill.

Earlier, the Ministry of Economic Development presented a roadmap for regulating the activities of companies developing various digital services based on one ecosystem.

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