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Ministry of Education to Create a Register of Educational Online Services

November 25, 2021, 13:03 (UTC+3)|

The Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation will form a list of educational online services that will be used in the implementation of state-accredited educational programs. This follows from the bill "On Amendments to the Federal Law On Education in the Russian Federation", in the discussion of which representatives of Yandex took part.

According to the amendments, from September 1, 2022, schools and institutions of secondary vocational education (SVE) will have to use in their work electronic educational resources included in the federal register. In addition, when implementing educational programs using e-learning and distance learning technologies, institutions will be obliged to use resources containing electronic teaching materials.

If in the course of e-learning it is envisaged to process personal data of schoolchildren and students of secondary vocational education, the educational organization must create conditions "for the functioning of the electronic information and educational environment, which is a state information system (GIS)."

Thus, the responsibility for the personal data of pupils and students lies with the state. To process the personal data of students in the course of e-learning, they will use the My School platform, which is now being experimentally developed by the Ministry of Education.

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