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Morgan Stanley Values Yandex's Driverless Company at $7 Billion

August 5, 2021, 15:20 (UTC+3)|

According to Morgan Stanley analyses, Yandex Self-Driving Group is one of the ten largest global companies in the field of driverless vehicles, with its valuation estimated at $7 billion, Forbes reports. However, experts say that the self-driving car companies of global competitors, Alphabet, Tesla, and General Motors, are valued several times more. To maintain leadership, the company needs to invest more in R&D and expansion of its vehicle fleet, which now consists of 170 cars, the report says.

The company is expected to look for an external investor next year. According to Morgan Stanley, the key risks in their assessment are regulation, as well as the unpredictable amount of time for the technology development. An additional risk will be posed if one of Yandex's unmanned vehicles is involved in a serious accident.

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