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Moscow and Rostec have agreed to develop 5G together

September 24, 2020, 12:49 (UTC+3)|

During CIPR 2020 conference, The Moscow Government and Rostec State Corporation have agreed to develop fifth-generation communication technologies. 

The agreement provides for cooperation in organizing the work of the first 5G laboratory in Russia dedicated to solving urban сhallenges. The city will act as a testing ground for the implementation of wireless technologies.

In October, the Moscow Department of Information Technology intends to open a 5G Demo Center in the Smart City pavilion at VDNH. 5G Demo Center is an accelerator for small and medium enterprises, universities and research institutes developing solutions based on fifth generation networks. They will be able to use, among other things, the types of equipment that in the future will be used for the commercial deployment of 5G.

Eduard Lysenko

Head of the Department of Information Technologies of Moscow

Also, within the framework of cooperation, an information exchange regarding the real needs of both business and the city in terms of 5G services and trends in the development of urban infrastructure will be possible. 

According to Vasily Brovko, Director for Special Assignments of Rostec State Corporation, one of the projects for the joint development of 5G will be pilot zones on domestic equipment in the 5G demo center.

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