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Moscow-Based Smart Driving Laboratory Presents the Concept of Connected Car for Public Transport

October 25, 2021, 13:05 (UTC+3)|

The Smart Driving Labaratry presented the concept of “connecting” urban public transport. The solution involves the installation of telematics modules with a set of sensor equipment on buses and minibuses and connection via a cellular network to a cloud platform.

The system will allow you to collect data on movement, speed, sharp maneuvers and technical condition of the vehicle in real time. The information can be used to assess the quality of drivers' work, prompt response and analysis in case of road accidents, planning maintenance and monitoring operating conditions, and in the future - to manage urban transport infrastructure.

According to the developers, the introduction of technologies will simplify vehicle maintenance and help control the quality of the road surface.

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Dmitry Snitserev, the Deputy CEO of the Smart Driving Laboratory

Smart Driving Laboratory is a Russian developer of a universal vehicle telematics platform and LADA Connect system. Hardware and software solutions created by the Smart Driving Laboratory turn a car into an Internet-connected device.

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