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Moscow Innovation Cluster Presents Anti-Covid Solutions from Technological Competition Finalists

November 10, 2021, 11:45 (UTC+3)|

The Moscow Innovation Cluster has added a section on its online platform, which presents solutions developed by the finalists of technology competitions against COVID-19 for small, medium and large businesses, individuals, medical institutions, as well as the city administration.

The business block presents six categories, including those for medical organizations, restaurants and educational institutions. The category “for a safe business environment” is represented by six projects, including:

  • ViewApp, an application that allows for inspection, photo and video recording of various items of pledge, leasing, insurance;
  • Facemetric, a set of solutions that use computer vision technologies to recognize people, their characteristics and emotions;
  • SmartAirKey, a room access control system using digital keys or RFID cards;
  • Checkme, a personal consultant and clinic booking service;
  • Climate Guard, a service for monitoring the indoor climate.

In total, the section currently contains 36 projects. Some of them are presented in several categories at once.

Product cards

ViewApp, Facemetric, SmartAirKey, Checkme, Climate Guard

Earlier, Moscow was ranked third among the cities in the world in the Coronavirus Innovation Map ranking, which presents the number and quality of innovative solutions against COVID-19.

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