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Moscow Introduces Innovative Crosswalk Reducing Accidents by 82%

November 9, 2021, 18:14 (UTC+3)|

Moscow Transport Department has introduced the "pedestrian crossing of the future", which reduces the likelihood of road accidents by 82%. iCrosswalk was developed by startup SmartC and is a project of the Transport Innovations of Moscow accelerator.

During testing of this solution, which took place from April to July on Bolotnikovskaya street, it was reported to "reduce the probability of an accident with pedestrians is by 82%."

When a person approaches a crossing, the system independently reads the trajectory of the pedestrian. In the event of a road crossing, it includes signaling elements, an information board with the inscription "Let the pedestrian pass" and the crossing illumination. In addition, road markings are projected at night.

The department clarified that the system is able to recognize not only adults and children but also pets.

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