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Moscow State University graduate patented a new method of blood analysis using neural networks

October 1, 2020, 16:05 (UTC+3)|

Russian scientists have developed an application that can do microscopy of biomaterials using AI.  For a quick diagnosis, a laboratory assistant needs to connect a phone to the microscope using an optical adapter, launch a special mobile application and scan a smear.  Neural network will analyse biomaterial in real time. 

We are currently supporting three blood tests. It's complete blood count (СBC). Bone marrow biopsy for leukemia. Usually it lasts half an hour or an hour, we complete it in 5-10 minutes. The third test is malaria. This analysis usually lasts 30 minutes, we do it in two minutes (...) Another application allows you to create a digital copy of the smear. In any district center, a laboratory assistant makes it using a mobile phone, and it is sent for analysis to a specialist within the framework of telemedicine.

Ansar Zhalyalov

candidate of biological sciences, project author

The current version of the application (as part of preclinical testing) has less than 0.1% errors. By the end of the year, the developers plan to complete clinical trials and register the development in Russia. The next stage is registration on the US market.  


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