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Moscow was awarded two certificates of compliance with ISO standards

May 28, 2021, 09:56 (UTC+3)|

The World Council on City Data (WCCD) presented two certificates of compliance with the smart city requirements, ISO 37120 and ISO 3712, to Moscow. The ceremony took place at the Smart Cities Moscow 2021 forum.

Today’s event is very significant. We presented two WCCD ISO certificates, ISO 37120 and ISO 37122, to Moscow. It is the first time when two certificates are awarded to one city at once. We congratulate Moscow on this achievement.

Patricia McCarney

President and CEO of the World Council on City Data

ISO 37122, Sustainable cities and communities - indicators for smart cities, has recently been approved. Moscow was among the first 10 cities in the world that were certified according to this standard. Experts measured performance on 80 indicators in the main sectors of urban economy that reflect the effectiveness of smart technologies implementation for improving the quality of life, Moscow Mayor Sergey Sobyanin explained in his blog.


In mid-May, it was announced that Moscow had been certified according to the ISO 37120 “Sustainable cities and communities” standard, which sets the main indicators of the quality of life and the provision of urban services. It has already been implemented or is being implemented by more than 100 cities in 35 countries.


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