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MSU's Innopraktika to Create a Fund for Supporting Startups

November 15, 2021, 14:55 (UTC+3)|

Innopraktika, a subdivision of Moscow State University, will create a fund to support Russian startups.

Fund for Technological Investments (FTI) will be launched by the CEO of Innopraktika Katerina Tikhonova, together with her First Deputy Natalya Popova.

Control over FTI will be given to the Investment Management company, which will specialize in seed infusions into startups. The partnership is intended "for seed investment in startups at the rate of about 3 million rubles per project." Other details were not disclosed.

Earlier, Popova urged to bet on fast-growing technology companies, “if we want to have not one Yandex, but ten Yandexes, and not only in the IT field but also in deeptech and biotech."

Innopraktika has been operating since 2012. It includes the Center for National Intellectual Reserve of Moscow State University and the Foundation for Support of Scientific and Project Activities of Students, Postgraduates and Young Scientists "National Intellectual Development", the founder of which is Moscow State University.

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