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MTS will create a digital residential complex in Moscow

July 22, 2020, 12:13 (UTC+3)|

MTS announced that it will provide the building and territory of the Balchug Viewpoint residential complex with digital solutions for automatic collection of meter readings and billing for housing and communal services, contactless access to a closed area using a smartphone, entry to a parking lot by recognizing car numbers, as well as a security system based on video analytics.

The first stage of the project was completed in June 2020, and the company plans to implement the entire range of solutions in the fall of 2020. The residential complex will be managed through a single center, and residents will have access to services via a mobile app. MTS will also provide the residential complex with Wi-Fi, high-speed wired Internet and mobile communications.

At the first stage of the project, MTS automated the collection of water and electricity meter readings and billing of residents. Data from utility metering devices via the cloud platform is sent to the billing management company, where an invoice is automatically generated. Data transfer from counters is carried out via the Internet of things NB-IoT network, specially developed for the housing, real estate and smart city segments.

The company notes that residents will be able to pay bills in an app developed specifically for the residential complex. You can also use the app to order a pass, answer a call from the intercom, connect to the CCTV cameras on the territory of the complex and the Parking monitoring system, apply to the management company and take part in voting, as well as manage the "smart home" in the apartment.

“Today, only about 5% of Russian management companies use digital solutions for managing apartment buildings, but we expect that the growth rate of this market will be comparable to the growth rate of retail sales of smart home devices – about 20-30% per year.”​ - commented MTS representative and Director of the Internet of Things Department Mikhail Kozlov.

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