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New cloud platform for quantum computer access launched

April 28, 2021, 12:22 (UTC+3)|

Scientists from the Russian Quantum Center (Moscow) have launched a platform with access to a quantum computer. With its help, representatives of science and business will be able to quickly perform complex mathematical calculations aimed at optimizing internal processes: improve logistics, accelerate the production of vaccines and medicines.

The service works with two types of computers: universal for solving any problems and highly specialized, sharpened for a specific specific purpose. In the future, the center plans to allow comparison of the same task on devices operating on different principles to determine the optimal computing resources.

The platform is in closed testing mode and is not available to everyone. The Russian Quantum Center selects users, accompanies their work and gives access to highly focused functionality. Business representatives in the fields of logistics, telecommunications, finance and production, as well as research centers in Russia and abroad, can apply to work with a computer.

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