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Online School Skyeng to Acquire 25% of Education Platform Qmarketing Academy

November 25, 2021, 12:39 (UTC+3)|

The Skyeng language school will buy 25% of the Qmarketing Academy educational platform, and within a year it plans to increase its share to 100%, but the exact terms have not been determined.

The parties do not disclose the terms of the deal and the final shares. According to the sources of Kommersant newspaper, "the assessment of 100% of the company could have amounted to 1-1.3 of the revenue of Qmarketing Academy, that is, taking into account the current indicators of 200-250 million rubles."

According to the co-founder of Skyeng Khariton Matveyev, the acquisition of Qmarketing Academy will allow the online school to expand its presence in the segment of additional professional education. At the same time, the showcase and brand of Qmarketing Academy will remain, but Skyeng courses will be integrated into the program of the Skypro online university of digital professions.

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Qmarketing Academy, which specializes in marketing and commercial design training, was founded in 2019. According to the company's own data, 2.5 thousand people are trained on the platform.

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