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Ozon unveils a new IPO prospectus and plans to raise up to $948 million

November 18, 2020, 08:58 (UTC+3)|

Ozon has submitted a new version of its F1 IPO prospectus to the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). According to the new version of the prospectus, the company plans to raise up to $948 million in total.

According to the document, during the IPO the retailer plans to place 34.5 million shares, the price per share may range from $22.5 to $27.5. Ozon plans to receive $135 million from existing investors, Baring Vostok and Sistema PJSFC. The banks organizing the IPO can get 4.5 million shares if they exercise their options.

Moreover, in the new IPO prospectus, Ozon announced that it had paid Sberbank 1 billion rubles compensation for a dispute over the termination of the agreement of intent. However, the company did not admit guilt.

According to the organizers’ forecasts, Ozon can be valued at from $4 to $12 billion: Sberbank CIB values the company at $4-8.5 billion, VTB Capital - at $4.7-7.1 billion, Goldman Sachs - at $6-12 billion, and Renaissance Capital - at $5.9-7.3 billion, Forbes writes.

Ozon first filed for an IPO in early November and disclosed the financial performance of the marketplace in the nine months of 2020: turnover from sales of goods and services of the company (excluding Ozon.Travel) amounted to 121.6 billion rubles (+142% year-on-year), equivalent to $1.6 million. The number of orders increased by 130% (to 44.3 million), and the number of active sellers more than quadrupled (to 18.1 thousand).

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