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Positive Technologies Develops a Roadmap for a Cybersecurity Standard

September 28, 2021, 10:40 (UTC+3)|

Positive Technologies is developing a new roadmap for a cybersecurity standard, which should become an open knowledge base and consolidate the IT community's practices in countering cyber attacks. The document is to be discussed with regulators and the professional community

According to the Director of Business Consulting at Positive Technologies Roman Chaplygin, the existing cybersecurity standards in Russia do not meet the realities, while the new standard will allow companies to share experience and improve the effectiveness of countering cyber attacks.

Chaplygin clarified that if an open knowledge base appears, companies will be able to jointly develop the most effective solutions. In addition, the standard will help reduce the problem of staff shortages in the IT industry.

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Roman Chaplygin, Director of Business Consulting at Positive Technologies

On July 27, Russia submitted to the special committee of the United Nations (UN) a draft convention on countering the use of ICT technologies for criminal purposes. At the end of 2020, Russia ranked fifth in the Global Cybersecurity Index by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU).

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