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Positive Technologies plans to hold an IPO on the Moscow Exchange

March 16, 2021|

Cybersecurity company Positive Technologies plans to place about 10% of its shares on the Moscow Stock Exchange, which may correspond to $200-300 million, if by the end of 2021 the company's value is $2-4 billion, Kommersant reports citing a market source.

According to Kommersant, the company is counting on the active participation of individuals in the IPO. Positive Technologies primarily considers investors from the IT sector as its target audience. Such investors have already shown interest in the company when, in July 2020, it issued bonds on the Moscow Exchange for 500 million rubles with a circulation period of three years. Now their yield, according to the source, is about 9.5%.

Positive Technologies is also looking for a public relations specialist whose tasks will include "participation in a project to prepare a company for an IPO." However, the company itself does not comment on the upcoming placement, the newspaper writes.

At the end of 2020, Positive Technologies' revenue amounted to 5.6 billion rubles, which is 55% higher than a year earlier.


Maxim Filippov, director of business development at Positive Technologies in Russia

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