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QR Codes with 3D Models of Future Objects Introduced at Construction Sites in Moscow

November 22, 2021, 12:47 (UTC+3)|

In Moscow, QR codes have appeared on construction sites that allows seeing a 3D model of an object under construction, as well as finding additional information about the building.

To use the new service, you need to point your smartphone camera at the QR code located on the information board or fence near the construction site. After clicking on the link, the object page will open, which contains an interactive 3D model of the future building, functional purpose, information about the progress of construction, the timing of work and other information, according to the project website.

Online data is loaded from the digital passport of the capital construction object. At the moment, QR codes are placed on seven construction sites in Moscow:

  • infectious treatment and diagnostic complex at 63 Volokolamskoe highway;
  • hotel complex on Varvarka street, 14, bldg. 1, bldg. 2;
  • apartment complex on Varshavskoe highway, ow. 9/1;
  • residential complex in the Ryazanovskoevillage, Ostafyevo station;
  • building on Otkrytoye shosse, 30;
  • building on Sudostroitelnaya street;
  • building on the  Petra Alekseeva street, 12.

The project is being implemented by the Department of Urban Development Policy in conjunction with the Office of the Mayor and the Government of Moscow, as well as the Department of Information Technologies of the City of Moscow.

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