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Regulator to Launch a Register of Advertising on the Russian Internet

August 25, 2021, 09:44 (UTC+3)|

The General Radio Frequency Centre (GRFC), a Russian regulatory body (part of Roskomnadzor), has announced a procurement auction for the development of Unified Register of Internet Advertising.

The system will take into account contracts for advertising activities on the internet, which are concluded by advertisers, advertising agencies, and distributors (the Internet sites on which ads are placed). The system will also store this data and, if necessary, provide it to the federal authorities. Market participants will be able to enter data into the database both independently and with the help of advertising data operators.

The system will presumably allow online sites to control views within advertising campaigns, while advertisers will have information on the costs of distributing such content on each site on the Internet. Moreover, the system will make relations between advertisers and advertising agencies more transparent and will level the competition between Russian and foreign electronic ad platforms.

The pilot launch of the registry is expected later this year.

Plans to create the system were announced at the beginning of 2021. In May, the State Duma proposed to amend the law "On Advertising", and in July, Russian President signed the bill “On Amendments to the Federal Law On Advertising”, which implies the creation of the unified register.

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