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Research: demand for e-sports goods in Russia increased by 9.5 times

October 16, 2020, 09:50 (UTC+3)|

According to the study by the online retailer Wildberries, the demand for goods for e-sports and gaming in Russia in the third quarter in comparison with the first quarter of this year increased by 9.5 times. 

During this period, sales of computers - workstations grew most actively: from July to September, sales grew by 342%. Sales of monoblocks rose 274%, gaming wheels 219%, processors 166%, gamepads 127%, and laptops and game consoles more than 90%.
According to Wildberries sales statistics, gaming laptops took first place in the ranking of esports preferences in the third quarter. In addition to laptops, the most popular products also included game consoles, gamepads, headphones, speakers, mice and mats. Sales of specialized devices and accessories, such as gaming glasses, microphones, backpacks, increased by 132% in total during the period.  The trend of the growing popularity of purchases of electronics for e-sports and gaming is explained by analysts' forecasts, according to which the Russian e-sports market will actively grow in the next five years.

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