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Riki Group will release cartoons using Yandex cloud platform

November 19, 2020, 14:58 (UTC+3)|

Riki Group and Yandex have concluded a long-term contract for the use of cloud capacities of the Yandex.Cloud platform for the production of cartoons, Kommersant writes. The value of the contract was not disclosed.

Riki Group notes that the company has significantly increased production: this year - 2.5-fold increase, up to 1000 minutes, and in 2021 the company plans to release 1200 minutes of new cartoons after transferring the production of several flagship projects and feature films to Yandex.Cloud.

Yandex explains that using a public cloud, in contrast to a data center with a limited dedicated resource, allows to speed up content processing. Riki will be able to receive additional capacity upon request and for a fixed price.

International animation producers are already systematically cooperating with cloud platforms. In 2019, the Walt Disney Studios agreed on a five-year partnership with Microsoft, which is developing the Microsoft Azure cloud platform, to accelerate production.

In November last year Yandex agreed to produce the new season of “Smeshariki” and use the brand in its services and projects.

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