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Rosreestr plans to use AI in digital services for users

November 13, 2020, 18:00 (UTC+3)|

According to Elena Martynova, Deputy Head of Rosreestr, the agency is developing a digital platform using artificial intelligence. On the basis of the platform, client services for registering real estate, finding land for housing and business and interacting with cadastral engineers will be created.

Rosreestr is developing a concept for digital transformation of the agency for 2021-2023, which will help to create a unified IT architecture, optimize business processes and quickly provide the entire range of services to citizens based on the “one-stop” principle, Martynova explains.

To achieve these goals, the agency plans to use AI technologies. For example, AI will be used in a document recognition service. This tool will help to check documents and extract the necessary information.

AI technologies will help citizens submit documents to the Multifunctional Public Services Centers. The department also plans to create “Digital Assistant” decision support system, where the technology will form a “second opinion” for the state registrar of rights. In addition, the agency plans to use AI to identify unregistered capital construction facilities based on data of satellite images, orthophotomaps, etc.

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