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Rosstandart has approved national standards in the field of the Internet of Things

August 25, 2020, 08:42 (UTC+3)|

Rosstandart has approved a series of preliminary national standards in the field of the Internet of Things, sensor networks and the Industrial Internet of Things. The documents were developed by the Cyber-Physical Systems Technical Committee (TC) on the basis of RVC with the support of the Ministry of Industry and Trade.

Representatives of Skoltech, Rostelecom, Kaspersky Lab, MegaFon and other companies participated in the development of the standard.

To the already developed and those that are being developed standards that directly define the IoT protocols, we add fundamental documents that are no less important for the development of the market. Thus, the market receives a universal basic toolkit: common semantic approaches, equal opportunities for the formation of the solution architectures, a dialogue to ensure the exchange of data and achieving compatibility of solutions. All this should contribute to the entry of alternative solutions to the market, the development of sustainable digital platforms and the formation of the ecosystems.

Nikita Utkin

Head of RVC Programs, Chairman of Cyber-Physical Systems Committee

As ComNews clarifies, this is the third group of preliminary national standards in the field of digital technologies, which have been developed by Cyber-Physical Systems. According to Mikhail Smirnov, director of the InfoWatch expert and analytical center, they plan to publish the remaining standards soon — in the field of artificial intelligence terminology and basic standards of cyber-physical systems.

Read the document (in Russian)

Original (in Russian)


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