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Rostec prepared a roadmap for the development of the microelectronics that requires almost $10.5 billion

September 7, 2020, 10:01 (UTC+3)|

According to the plan, the equipment will not be purchased from foreign companies. The technologies will be developed at the facilities of Rostec subsidiaries.

The document states that investments should help to increase the export value of Russian next-generation microelectronics to $263 million by 2024, and to $683 million by 2030. The domestic market for solutions based on new generations of microelectronics by 2024 should amount to $6 billion.

This will require an investment of $8 billion from public funds and  $1.3 billion from extra-budgetary funds (Rostec is ready to invest $394 million). According to the document, Rostec together with Rosatom will be responsible for the implementation of the program.

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