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Rostec to Create a Fund for Investments in EdTech and HR-Tech

July 28, 2021, 13:56 (UTC+3)|

Moscow-based company RT-Business Development (100% owned by Rostec) plans to create a fund with a capitalization of $40-54 million (3-4 billion rubles) for investments in EdTech as well as HR-Tech projects in the later stages. For this purpose, the company announced a tender for the development of the concept and business model for the existing roadmap, Kommersant reports.

The contractor will have to indicate the mission and goals of the future fund, develop a methodology for the search and selection of projects for investment, prepare profiles for several of the most promising EdTech projects. Moreover, the contractor will assess the prospects for the synergy of these projects with Rostec, propose at least three venture partners in Russia and abroad, and recommend independent specialists with management experience in EdTech and HR-Tech for an expert council.

The field of application of EdTech could be, among other things, training for the manufactoring industry, the company added.

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