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Russian Radio Research Institute to Test 5G on 6.7-6.8 GHz Band

August 12, 2021, 14:32 (UTC+3)|

The General Radio Frequency Centre (GRFC), a Russian regulatory body, has approved the use of 6.7-6.8 GHz band by The Radio Research Institute (NIIR) for research, experimental, and design work using 5G, according to the minutes of the GRFC’ meeting on August 2.

NIIR will be able to operate with the indicated frequencies on its own territory in Moscow. The 6.7-6.8 GHz frequency is part of the 6.425-7.1 GHz band. As previously specified by Russian telecoms operators, the 6-7 GHz range is mainly used for radio-fixing aids and radio relay lines. This range was not allocated for the operation of mobile networks by the International Telecommunication Union.

The fact that NIIR plans to conduct tests for the development of 5G networks in the 6 GHz band by the end of 2021 was announced in November. As the deputy CEO of NIIR Evgeny Devyatkin said, the 6.425-7.1 GHz band is not an alternative, but an addition to the 3.4-3.8 GHz and 4.4-4.99 GHz bands.

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