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Russian AI practices are now available to English-speaking audience

May 19, 2020|

Moscow high-tech solutions platform ICT.Moscow opened access to the base of artificial intelligence (AI) application practices in business for the world community.

175 Russian cases of technology application in different areas have already been translated into English. Each case has a detailed description of implementation, information about the developer, object for implementation, technologies and the results achieved. For the sake of convenience, all practices were divided in functional areas (manufacturing industry, telecom, urban environment, transport, social sector, MedTech, FinTech, etc.).

In addition, the collection of 45 Russian open datasets for configuring smart services is now also available in English. Among them there is a dataset for autonomous vehicles training in bad weather conditions.

The English version of the practices base will be useful for studying the domestic AI solutions market, main market players, sharing experience between Russian and foreign partners, and also for international rankings compilers and reviewers.

ICT.Moscow analysts collect data on Russian practices from open sources with the direct participation of representatives of Russian companies developing AI solutions. The Russian version, that includes international practices, was launched at the end of February 2020, and in less than three months it has been viewed over 40 thousand times by AI experts and specialists. 

In January 2020 ICT.Moscow and the Department of Information Technologies of Moscow launched 5G knowledge base in English. The project features a showcase of practices, which includes Russian cases of 5G implementation for solving various business tasks. 


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