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Russian Government to Fight Deepfake

July 28, 2021, 12:45 (UTC+3)|

The government commission for digital development, the use of information technology to improve the quality of life and the conditions for doing business has approved a new roadmap on the development of new Internet technologies. The document assumes the achievement of several targets by 2024, RBC reports. By 2024, the accuracy of domestic solutions for detecting deepfake content, as well as news feeds spread by bots should reach 70%. In 2021, this figure should be 55%.

Among other targets is the growth of the Russian audience of video services to 96 million users (from 63 million in 2020), audiences of complex communication platforms to 108 million (from 74 million), and domestic cloud gaming platforms to 2.31 million (from 0.18 million).

In addition, the document assumes the development of a number of services, including the following:

  • recommendation based on predictions of user behavior;
  • services for intelligent analysis of the video stream based on the entire stream data and systems for identifying news feed distribution chains and identifying news feeds distributed by bots;
  • services for selecting interlocutors based on interests, needs in social networks, etc.;
  • a software package for automatic generation of titles for audiovisual content, including speech recognition and translation-to-text platform;
  • a service to identify violations of citizens' rights on the internet based on automatic analysis of communication environments, etc.

Еhe projects will be financed by grants from the Fund for the Promotion of Innovation and extra-budgetary sourcesб RBC adds.

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