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Russian IT Companies to Develop An Open Source Strategy

September 16, 2021, 11:18 (UTC+3)|

Russia is developing a strategy for the development of open source software through 2024. Among the authors of the draft document are experts from such companies as Postgres Professional, InfoWatch and Basalt SPO.

The key provisions of the strategy include attracting foreign programmers by creating conditions for obtaining Russian citizenship and preferential mortgages. It is also proposed to make mandatory the publication in the Russian repository (public repository for programmers, an analogue of Github from Microsoft) of the code under free licenses.

Financial measures to support the strategy include the creation of non-state funds financing the development of open-source software as well as the introduction of tax incentives for non-IT companies financing the development of open source software.

Product cards

Postgres Pro, InfoWatch

In the future, on the basis of the document, the authors plan to develop an action plan for the implementation of the strategy with targets for 2024 and 2030. It is expected that the version of the draft strategy, close to the final, will appear by October 1.

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