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Russian Railways started testing trains with artificial intelligence

September 2, 2020, 17:47 (UTC+3)|

Russian Railways started to test the first trains with artificial intelligence.

Locomotives for testing are equipped with Cognitive Rail Pilot system. It is aimed at reducing the number of accidents on railways: it uses computer vision to detect objects on the rail tracks (other trains, points, tracks, people, traffic lights, etc.), assesses the situation, informs the driver about the danger, and, if the driver does not respond, the system can make necessary decisions.

We have already produced 10 developmental locomotives (with AI), they were sent to Russian Railways for testing. Currently, one of the testing stages for product certification is underway. If it all works out, the safety on the railway will change. Artificial Intelligence will minimize the number of accidents that happened because of human errors, it will not allow the human to make a mistake.

Olga Uskova

CEO of Cognitive Pilot

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