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Russian Startup Evidently AI Raises $125,000 from the US Venture Fund Y Combinator

August 5, 2021, 17:16 (UTC+3)|

As part of the deal, Y Combinator received 7% of the company for $ 125,000, reports citing the startup co-founder Elena Samuylova.

The Evidently AI is a developer of open-source tools for assessing and tracking the quality of machine learning models based on open data. As the project is at an early stage of development at the moment, the team plans to create a full-fledged monitoring platform.

The tool will be free for individual users and small teams, the company plans to make money on the cloud version of the platform for teams that do not want to launch it on their own. Evidently AI is also considering creating a product based on the open core model, in which some of the solutions for large companies will be paid for.

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Elena Samuylova and Emeli Dral, founders of Evidently AI.

Evidently AI on Product Hunt

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