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Russian Supplier Portal Added to G20’s List of Innovative Procurement Practices

August 12, 2021, 12:00 (UTC+3)|

According to “The G20 Report for Reference on Innovative Public Procurement for Smart Cities and Communities”, the Russian portal for public procurement expands opportunities for small and medium-sized businesses and increases the transparency of transactions. The report was published following the meeting of the G20 digital economy ministers, which took place in early August in Trieste, Italy.

The Portal provides an increased competitiveness of potential suppliers, as well as the possibility of an objective assessment of the existing market offers and analysis of information provided by the government and commercial customers about the fulfillment of obligations by suppliers, the report says.

More than 224,000 suppliers from 37 regions of Russia are registered on the Supplier Portal, the catalogue contains more than 1.2 mln of SKU (Stock Keeping Unit), and more than 1000 contracts are concluded daily.

"The portal is constantly updated with new services and tools that make it easier for users to work with purchases and expand the audience of the service. Today, the portal can be used not only by enterprises and organizations but also by self-employed persons and even individuals,” the head of the Department of Information Technologies Eduard Lysenko added.

In 2017, an AI-based recommendation service was launched on the portal to solve the problem of resource-intensive process of manual contract tracking. The service analyzes previous contracts made by suppliers and recommends them potential procurement opportunities via personalized e-mails.


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