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RZD Technologies and Robin will create the first Russian marketplace for robotic software solutions

January 26, 2021, 18:01 (UTC+3)|

RZD Technologies (a subsidiary of RZD or Russian Railways), together with the Moscow developer Robin, will create the first Russian marketplace for robotic software solutions.

The project is scheduled to launch by July. According to Pavel Borchenko, General Director of Robin, the company expects that at least 20 companies will place their offers on the marketplace.

The development is carried out within the framework of the Cloud Factory of Software Robots project. For these purposes, the Skolkovo Technopark Foundation allocated grant support in the amount of 80 million rubles (equivalent to $1 million).

Thanks to the marketplace, market participants will be able to avoid spending on creating their own robotization center, and on the site it will be possible to purchase a ready-made solution or place an order for the creation of an atypical software robot.

In addition to the marketplace, the project includes a platform for operating software robots, as well as a module for their development. The project system is based on Robin's solutions. The system will work on four products - Robin Studio, Robin Robot, Robin Orchestrator, Robin Cloud Factory.

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