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Russia Hosts International Conference AI Journey 2021

November 15, 2021, 10:00 (UTC+3)|

On November 10-12, Sberbank, together with the leading Russian tech companies, held the international online conference AI Journey 2021.

On the first day of the forum, participants discussed business and AI development, the role of new technologies in ESG and sustainable development, the impact of AI on social life and economy, and AI ethics. Eight organizations adopted AI Code of Ethics, including Vision Labs, Nanosemantics Laboratory, Cognitive Pilot, VEB Ventures, CRT Group of Companies, Atlansis Software Systems, Dialogue ANO, MSTU im. N.E. Bauman.

The second day was dedicated to science and emerging developments in the field of AI, in particular. Sberbank presented a code generation model based on the ruGPT-3 neural network, wich allows to automatically write code, reducing development time.

Experts from Airi Institute for Artificial Intelligence presented the results of their work for the first time. The organization is developing new approaches based on machine learning methods to improve quality control of the production of solar cells, the main working elements of solar cells, and to optimize their performance indicators. The Institute for the first time presented the results of the work of models that reveal defects in real images obtained in production.

A panel discussion "Health care after COVID-19" took place. It was attended by Yuri Krestinsky, Vice President, Head of the Healthcare Industry of Sberbank, and Bertalan Mesco, Ph.D., futurist in medicine and director of the Institute of Future Medicine.

As part of AI Journey 2021 conference, the winners of the international online competition on artificial intelligence AI Journey Contest 2021 were awarded. 13 developers of the best solutions received cash prizes ranging from $1,379 (100,000 rubles) to $29,000 (2.1 million rubles).

AI Journey is a series of events on artificial intelligence and data science held by Sberbank as well as leading international AI companies. This year, AI Journey Contest is being held on the DSWorks platform operating on Christofari, Russia’s fastest supercomputer created by Sberbank.






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