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Sberbank has launched a free service for recognizing CT images

July 14, 2020, 09:35 (UTC+3)|

The Sberbank Health service and the SberCloud cloud platform have launched a project to recognize CT scans of the lungs.

As specified in Sberbank, this will allow any user to upload their CT image to the site and get its decryption within 5-10 minutes. The result will be sent to email and to the site interface after the analysis is completed. The system uses artificial intelligence algorithms developed in the Laboratory on artificial intelligence of the savings Bank, and runs on the computing power of a supercomputer "Сhristafari".

The system shows the percentage of the affected part of the lungs, determines the affected areas of the lungs (frosted glass and consolidation) and calculates their total volume. This analysis will allow the user to independently assess the dynamics during repeated CT examination in order to monitor the development of the disease. Doctors service will help to decipher pictures of patients.

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