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Sberbank has patented a technology for creating human facial expressions based on text in Russia

July 8, 2020, 13:10 (UTC+3)|

Sberbank has obtained a patent for a method and system for creating facial expressions based on text. It use in the digital counterpart of the TV presenter - "Elena". This was written on Facebook by Albert Efimov, head of the Sberbank robotics laboratory.

The patent describes a technology that receives information from at least one speech signal, processes it, and generates changes to the "face mask" on a virtual head model. In other words, it is a technology for creating a virtual image of a speaker who speaks a given text.

In the comments, there is concern that Sberbank's patent may become an obstacle to the development of other companies in this direction.

Sberbank introduced the virtual TV presenter "Elena", created using this technology, in April 2019. Then " Elena» hosted several SberNews news releases.

In 2018, Sberbank together with MIPT showed a robot under the working name "Nika", which answered the questions of the interlocutor and showed various emotions.

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